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Library - A library - cum - reading room with over 8,600 titles are made available it also subscribes to a number of journals and periodicals

Science lab - A composite science lab designed with running water and gas connection to carry out various experiments inorder to excel in the field of science.

Maths Lab - Maths kits are made available for the students to smoothen their understanding of maths.

Computer labs - 3 computer labs are set to provide quality computer education.

Staff Room - 3 self-contained staff rooms are provided for the teachers to work comfortably at intervals and off periods.

Conference Hall - Well-equipped, 150 seated conference hall with overhead projector, comfortable chairs, good environment, etc. are provided to facilitate the learning process, either in the form of seminars, courses, conferences , classes etc.

Sports facilities - Various Sports events are provided to the students, both individual and house based (Blue, green, Red, yellow)

Various competitions such as Running Race, Football, Cricket, Caroms, Chess, Ludo, Musical Chair, Kabadi, Memory race, Sweet race and Frog Jumbare held to boost the talents of students. Besides these, there is also physical exercise,March Past etc.